Madari Kindergarten is friendly, warm, safe, and colourful atmosphere with a great garden.

From: miriam grove
Sent: Wednesday, March 04, 2015 12:25 AM

19th May 2014

When I first came across Madari Kindergarten I walked into the building and knew straight away it was a place, that if I were a child, I would want to go to…… It has a friendly, warm, safe, and colourful atmosphere with a great garden.

We sent our son there when he was just 1.5 years old as we felt it was important for him to socialise. Within the first few days he would ‘cheer and clap’ when the school bus came to pick him up, and he has remained (2 years on) happy there.

Madari has a great mixture of cultural influences, but steeped in tradition, and a strong emphasis on social skills developed by structured play, activities, and music.

I strongly believe our son has blossomed there and has become the well rounded little man he is with help from some wonderful teachers and teaching assistants, and an experienced, kind, Headmistress who is always monitoring educational patterns, thinking, and development.

Warmest regards,
Miriam Grove (Adapoe), Nairobi, Kenya.


From: kathleen mbau <kmbau@yahoo.com>
> Subject: Testimonial


Anita joined Madari just after turning 3. She had never been to any play group and mostly spent time with me or her nanny so I was quite anxious and worried about her being able to let go and fit in to the school. I remember on the first day of school sitting in my car at the parking waiting to be called in to calm her... but that was never to be. She quickly settled in and was soon enjoying school very much.

What Anita and I love about Madari is the friendly and ‘laid back’ environment. All the staff are really wonderful – they love the children and create a second home for them. Kids are allowed to be kids and play is a big component of their day at school – you will however be amazed at how easily they are able to pick up learning as a result. The teachers are also very accommodating to parents - you can pop in any time to speak to them or just spend time with the children. Mrs Ndesandjo also offers some very wise words and is always ready to listen and help.

Tae kwon do, ballet and swimming are some of Anita’s favourite activities in school. They also play mini tennis and are taught computers, Swahili and recorder. I can attest that involving your child in activities does contribute to them being more open minded and well rounded. The school is also able to fit in some school trips to normal everyday places you may frequent with them but the children get a whole new appreciation and experience which they will talk about for many days after that. The annual sports day and Christmas concert are such amazing and fun events you cannot afford to miss!

Anita is just turning 6 and she has grown into a confident, independent, outgoing and smart girl. She reads very well, can write sentences and do her arithmetic. It amazes me how much she still enjoys going to school! We shall continue with ballet classes even after Madari as she has taken on well to the ballerina moves which also promote gracefulness and co-ordination. Her Tae kwon do kicks have become quite something...don’t mess with her! She also does piano lessons and Mrs Ndesandjo occasionally indulges her and allows her to play for the other children.

I can’t believe that our time with Madari is almost over; we shall surely miss everyone... Thank you Mrs Ndesandjo and all Madari staff for making our time with Madari truly memorable!



From: Arpita Aamir barpita@gmail.com
Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 3:14 PM
To: Ruth Ndesandjo
Cc Aamir Syed
Subject: Testimonial

Hello Maam,
Here’s the testimonial as promised. Thank you!
Almost everybody in my family has questioned me about my decision to put my 20 months (now 28 months) old baby to school. I have never regretted it though. I firmly believe that a child needs the company of other children for a healthy upbringing. What better avenue than school to learn the intangible survival lessons of life - the art of socializing, the art of learning by imitation and awareness of diversity, while building a strong immune system in the process. Adnan is a very happy child at Madari - he eagerly waits for Uncle Joseph and the school van (and is disappointed if there is a delay), goes to school with a smile on his face and returns with a smile. He loves all of it - the music at assembly,making cakes in the sand pit, getting a star from Mrs Hironi, running around in the big play ground, drawing with chalk on the black board, sports day with Teacher Lucas, experimenting with colours. In the last few months, he has turned into a child who not only plays with other children but also seeks social interaction on his Own; and somebody with whom one can make a full conversation (quite remarkable for his age actually). Thank you Mrs Ndesandjo and the team for everything!



From: Lilian Nyansimera maoga_hunter@hotmall.com
Sent: Monday, March 05,201211:12 AM
To: Ruth Ndesandjo
Subject: joy Mumo — update

Hi Mrs Ndesandjo,
Hope this finds you well. I thought I’d drop a line to let you know how Joy is doing. She’s in std 2 now and doing very well academically. At the end of last term she received a recognition certificate for ‘most disciplined’ student (std 1). She continues to maintain an A grade and is quite organised with her school work. She’s been chosen (twice) to speak at the morning assembly because she speaks clearly and loudly and is not shy. I know a certain teacher at Madari who must have instilled that in her!! At her age I couldn’t look a teacher in the eye! (oh! what abomination!)

Take care.


MARCH 1ST 2012


I have wanted to write for some time. I want to express my appreciation for what you've been to my son Kimani. If I were to put it in one brief sentence. I'd say that at Madari you hove allowed him to be a child. This is primarily what I was looking for when I was Introduced to the school about 6 years ago.

I returned to Kenya after living in the USA for 10 years and I was having a hard time getting a good kindergarten for my daughter Cliburn. I wanted a place that allowed my daughter to be a child.....! Within a year and a half I had already tried out 4 different schools. In desperation I begun to seek out oil the parents in my neighborhood and eventually I got to Tanya's mother whose two children were already at Madari. She Invited me to the end of year concert at Madari to "see for myself". After spending the concert afternoon at Madari I registered my daughter right away and a couple of years later my son Kimani who was now ready for kindergarten.

I continue to love that at Madari the kids are allowed to be kids. I like the wide range of activities - a lot of play in the sand and In the field, the dolly music, the opportunity to swim every week and the one on one reading etc. Thank you for allowing our children to grow in a safe, warm and loving environment. I hove observed that the teachers and assistants are very attentive to the kids and allow self expression. This environment has allowed the children to be quite creative.

I must say that from the onset I was very comforted with the fact that Madari was and still is very well supervised by Mrs. Ndesandjo. I found it hard to believe that she Is at school by 7am every day come rain come sunshine! I hod to verify this with the assistants - they barely remember a day she was absent or late; In over 30 years!

I would further like to express my sincere gratitude to Mrs. Ndesandjo for giving our children the gift of music. That every day starts off with all the children (and Mrs. Ndesandjo and entire staff!) singing at the top of your voices is a priceless gift. I have on occasion stayed outside after dropping off my kids just to hear these joyful voices. Last year as the kids were rehearsing for the annual Christmas concert my son got so carried away with the music on several occasions my daughter had to seek my assistance in persuading the young musician to stop singing when it was way beyond bedtime! This young musician of mine went on to request a guitar for Xmas; he now plays it and sings for the entire apartment complex from our balcony! Hoping the neighbors will forgive us for this small transgression; and especially given that 98% of them do not have kids!

Every day I walk into Madari kindergarten I see happy confident bids. When I take time to walk around the school I continue to see a very clean environment. I like that the children walk In and out of Mrs. Ndesandjo's office when class is not in session and that she reads with them one on one. Thank you Madari for all these; you have allowed us parents to be able to concentrate n our daily endeavors because we are confident that our young ones are very well taken care of.

I have just brought my third and last born daughter, Wangui to Madari Kindergarten. Wangui will be 3 In June 2012.

It feels great to be back to Madari. The history between the school and our family goes bock 16 years, when my first born son Isaac, who will be turning 20 this August. first attended the school. My 2nd born son. Karanja. who just turned 12. also attended the school. I was initially Introduced to the school by some relatives whose children had been through Madari.

When I began thinking about schooling for Wangui, Madari became the natural choice. I must confess that although I went around 'shopping' for a school for Wangui, all my perceptions and expectations were biased towards Madari and therefore it did not surprise me that I still settled on the school, like I did 16 years ago.

You see, our experience in bringing up our 2 boys has been very rewarding. The boys are both confident young men, able to cope well with the different circumstances that affect teenagers in our society. They hove both done well academically and socially, thanks to the foundation they received at Madari. The boys have been In St Marys School since leaving Madari and have both received numerous awards for both academic excellence and extra-curriculum activities, including sports. as well as other recognitions for other activities they have been involved in.

Isaac has just joined University. United States International university (USIU) after completing his IB (international Baccalaureate), which is the A' Levels equivalent.

I can attest to the fact that Madari still brings out the best potential In every child as an individual. Madari has already blossomed after just 1 month of being in school. She is already more confident In her own abilities and is now even more social.

As a parent, I feel confident to know that my daughter is in good hands and Is making progress day by day at Madari. I expect, like her brothers, she will turn out to be a well-rounded and upright citizen, who will excel In many areas.

Mary Kuria
3rd time parent at Madari