At Madari Kindergarten we have a varied curriculum which include:

  • Sports
  • Art
  • Academics
  • Ballet
  • computers
  • Swahili

It guarantee that each child will develop & reach a very mature level (socially, emotionally, academically, spiritually) before graduating.

Extra Curricular activities

We go on many outings throughout the year i.e to the National Museum, Mamba Village, Parklands Sports Club, The Giraffe Centre, Sarit Centre etc. Children love outings on our school bus and benefit very much from the exposure.

 Christmas Concert
Every end of year (End of Term III in November) we have our Annual Xmas Concert. All children (from playgroup – Pre-primary) sing/dance/recite poems for all the parents. The graduating class (pre-primary) who are moving on to primary 1 are given Graduation Certificates. It is a very exciting and fulfilling event for all.

Fancy Dress Day
This is a great morning at the end of October (Halloween) when all the children come in costumes, many of them designed by creative mums and / or dads. We get some splendid outfits. Most of the children are amazed, even astounded by the display as this is a new experience for them.

Sports Day
Once a year in our May Term, we have a Sports Day in which all children participate as well as parents. We have many races (relay/water) and demonstrations of the children’s’ achievements in sports activities (somersaults, jumping rope). This year the parents also jumped rope and we all had a great time.

End of terms 1 & 2
  •   Parents tea, a speaker is invited
Term 2
  •   Sports day before midterm and a year book is available.
Term 3
  •  Fancy dress day end of October
  •   Christmas concert last day of the term