Madari is a high class pre-school, with the purpose being to fully prepare children from the ages of 16 months to 6.5 years for their future life and primary school. It does this by instilling excellent academic skills, great confidence and good self-esteem into the children.

Mrs. Ruth Ndesandjo began Mamrs ndesandjodari Kindergarten 36 years ago with one vision to help children grow into confident, successful and productive members of society. She named the School after her children Mark, David and Richard.
The core principle of her school has been to build confidence in children through a kind stress free environment.
Madari is located in quiet Riverside Drive, with large leafy and peaceful play area staffed by 5 internationally certified teachers and assistants.  
Always Building confidence!
Benefits of Madari Kindergarten
•    Certified and experienced teachers
•    Top rank 5 ranked kindergarten in Kenya for schools entrance placements
•    Low teacher student ratio
•    Quiet and peaceful play area
•    Easily accessible from most areas in Nairobi
•    Economical rates compared to other schools
•    Over 700 alumni over the years are now leaders in business, education, government and the arts.

The school was specifically built to feel like a second home to children aged 16 months - 6.5 years.

A good thought: Learn how to educate your child as opposed to merely schooling him/her. An entire generation has been robbed of childhood thanks to the educational rat race that equates learning to textbooks. Today one might say our children’s minds are being crushed by too many books, snuffing out their imagination and creativity in the process. In many case, children are unable to snatch even a few minutes of play – or even rest – because of homework.

A toy house for children to play with.


"The real role of leadership in education is not and should not be command and control. It should be creating a climate of possibility. If you do that, people will rise to it and achieve things that you completely did not anticipate and couldn’t have expected." Mrs. Ruth Ndesandjo, Headmistress

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