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On behalf of the staff, parents and pupils of  Madari Kindergarten it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website. Madari Kindergarten is located on the End of Riverside Drive, Lavington in Serene environment. We are here to nurture your child as they gain a firm foundation for future learning.

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Madari Kindergarten was purpose built in 1979 and opened in April, 1980 with seven students. There was one classroom operating. Madari is a high class pre-school, with the purpose being to fully prepare children from the ages of 16 months to 6.5 years for their future life and primary school. It does this by instilling excellent academic skills, great confidence and good self-esteem into the children.

On a happier note: Enrolling children in all kinds of sports is a good way to condition the children physically, socially and mentally. Children who take part in extra-curricular activities tend to be better adjusted and have confidence.



Children play in the school field.



All parents want what is best for their child. But most first-time parents know very little about children or parenting. Learning abou parenting provides growth for parents as well as children. As our children’s first teachers we must provide love and warmth. calm and rhythm, interest and enthusiasm. Our children provide us with new areas of study, work and self-examination as we come up against our shortcomings and the dilemmas our children present us.

We must take into account all aspects of development – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual – so we and our children can meet the challenges of our changing world and fulfill the purposes of our time.

We are living in a time of transition, a time in which the old patterns of society no longer hold us. Life in our....

Parenting Tips

Children of any age are learning in every waking moment. Education provided for children at any level simply serves to organize their learning into more well- defined paths, governed by the philosophical orientation of program planners and the quality of the program. Although broad variation in children’s abilities is evident, all children can learn.

Despite societal changes, kindergarten remains a place where children need a quality program in order to achieve their full potential.

Some parents have misconceptions about the goals of the kindergarten program and as a result, they focus on such cursory academic skills as counting and reciting the alphabet. Many people feel comfortable emphasizing such learning because it is easily measured. However, pushing children into academic areas too soon has a negative effect on learning. ........

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Hello Maam,
Here’s the testimonial as promised. Thank you!
Almost everybody in my family has questioned me about my decision to put my 20 months (now 28 months) old baby to school. I have never regretted it though. I firmly believe that a child needs the company of other children for a healthy upbringing. What better avenue than school to learn the intangible survival lessons of life - the art of socializing, the art of learning by imitation and awareness of diversity, while building a strong immune system in the process. Adnan is a very happy child at Madari - he eagerly waits for Uncle Joseph and the school van (and is disappointed if there is a delay), goes to school with a smile on his face and returns with a smile.

He loves all of it - the music at assembly,making cakes in the sand pit............