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On behalf of the staff, parents and pupils of  Madari Kindergarten it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website. Madari Kindergarten is located on the End of Riverside Drive, Lavington in Serene environment. We are here to nurture your child as they gain a firm foundation for future learning. Madari is located in quiet Riverside Drive, with large leafy and peaceful play area staffed by 5 internationally certified teachers and assistants.

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Phone: +254202017406

E-mail:  madariruth@gmail.com

Madari Kindergarten was purpose built in 1979 and opened in April, 1980 with seven students. There was one classroom operating. Madari is a high class pre-school, with the purpose being to fully prepare children from the ages of 16 months to 6.5 years for their future life and primary school. It does this by instilling excellent academic skills, great confidence and good self-esteem into the children.

The core principle of the school has been to build confidence in children through a kind stress free environment.


Always Building confidence! Children who take part in extra-curricular activities tend to be better adjusted and have confidence.



Children play in the school field.



All parents want what is best for their child. But most first-time parents know very little about children or parenting. Learning abou parenting provides growth for parents as well as children. As our children’s first teachers we must provide love and warmth. calm and rhythm, interest and enthusiasm. Our children provide us with new areas of study, work and self-examination as we come up against our shortcomings and the dilemmas our children present us.

We must take into account all aspects of development – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual – so we and our children can meet the challenges of our changing world and fulfill the purposes of our time.

We are living in a time of transition, a time in which the old patterns of society no longer hold us. Life in our....

Parenting Tips

If you find that you have to frequently have to postpone your time with your child, rethink your priorities and plan and come up with another plan that will work. Many parents of grown children will tell you that their great regret is that they didn’t spend more time with their children when they were small. You’ll have to sacrifice other things to do it, and in the beginning you may feel it isn’t the best use of you’re the best use of your time, but keep it up and you won’t be sorry. Every minute you give your child is an investment in the future. The rewards will last for eternity.

Being there for your child makes a great difference in his life, even when you don’t think you are doing a lot for him or accomplish much.

If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn; If a child lives with hostility, he learns to fight; ......


Madari Kindergarten is friendly, warm, safe, and colourful atmosphere with a great garden.

From: miriam grove
Sent: Wednesday, March 04, 2015 12:25 AM

When I first came across Madari Kindergarten I walked into the building and knew straight away it was a place, that if I were a child, I would want to go to…… It has a friendly, warm, safe, and colourful atmosphere with a great garden.
We sent our son there when he was just 1.5 years old as we felt it was important for him to socialise. Within the first few days he would ‘cheer and clap’ when the school bus came to pick him up, and he has remained (2 years on) happy there.
Madari has a great mixture of cultural influences, but steeped in tradition, and a strong emphasis on social skills developed by structured play, activities, and music...........